Q App removes the need to queue up

Sports Fusion, a leader in the development of systems and applications for the sports and leisure industries has partnered with Q App, a revolutionary platform that allows customers to order and pay from their smartphones, both helping increase the number of orders made and significantly enhancing the venues' order processing capability.

With tens of thousands of fans attending major sporting and entertainment events, large queues at the bars and concession stands are a familiar sight, not only impacting the user experience but also severely limiting the number of orders that can be processed in tightly-defined time slots. Just as importantly, these situations regularly drive potential customers away simply because it takes too long to take their order.

Q App (www.dontqapp.com) platform removes the need for customers to queue, instead enabling them to manage the entire process from their mobile phone. Bar staff view the orders on the supplied Q App tablet and customers are notified when their products are ready for collection. Payments are taken via customers' credit card when they make the order, both accelerating the collection process but also removing the possibility of fraud or venues having to foot the cost of non-collected orders.

Q App platform is currently being rolled out across a network of bars, pubs, coffee shops and fast food outlets, while the new partnership with Sports Fusion will focus on evolving and tailoring the application to a range of major football, rugby and music venues.

Sports Fusion Director of Product Development Jeremy Kerner commented ‘our clients are committed to improving the customer experience and one of the perennial challenges faced by all venues is how to serve more customers better in short, concentrated and immovable chunks of time – pre-match, half-time, the interval. We think this a huge area and the current Q App is just a start, we are already working on the next version and are very excited by where this partnership is headed'.

Tim Bichara, Q App's Business Development Director, added: "This exciting partnership marries Q App's innovative ordering platform with Sports Fusion's extensive experience and client portfolio in the sports and entertainment sector. Both market segments are perfectly suited to mobile ordering and we feel this partnership has the potential to enhance the overall customer experience, while allowing venues to significantly increase the number of customer and orders processed, up-sell additional products and gain useful insights into their customers' behaviour."

For further information please contact:
Kim Watkins, Q App +44 7951 253183
Rachel Wardle, Sports Fusion +44 7876 763694
Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 9:45 am